1. What is Kongo Community about?

A partir de diciembre de 2022 y para poder continuar desarrollando la campaña con éxito, todos los meses los refugios y asociaciones podrán acercarse a uno de los lugares designados para realizar el canje de envases por alimento:

– Dog Center (Av. Liniers 3050, Rincón de Milberg) de 11 a 15hs.

– Natural Life (Villa Santos 1910, Villa Tesei) de 10 a 14hs.

– Kronen (Av. 72 n° 426 e/ 3 y 4, La Plata) de 10 a 14hs.

– Natural Life (CABA) de 10 a 14hs.

– Balanceados del Mercado (Av. de Circunvalación 101-215, Mercado Central) de 10 a 14hs.

– Natural Life (zona sur). 

Previamente deberán completar el formulario: https://forms.gle/2tpsgYFtkBHvovNp8 y como confirmación recibirán un mail. Luego, les llegará un WhatsApp una semana antes de la entrega, cuando se cierra el pedido. 


1 envase Kongo = 2kg alimento Kongo perro o 1kg alimento Kongo gato

1 envase Old Prince = 2kg alimento Old Prince perro o 1kg alimento Old Prince gato

1 envase Fawna = 2kg alimento Fawna perro o 1kg alimento Fawna gato 

Se canjean por las presentaciones más grandes de las marcas: Kongo Ad MyG 21kg – Kongo Gato 15kg – Old Prince Premium Ad 20kg – Old Prince Complete Care 7.5kg – Fawna Ad MyG 15kg – Fawna Gato Ad 7.5kg

2. What is Baires?

We are a responsible and committed company. It is our purpose to offer excellence in nutrition, providing more health and better quality of life to dogs and cats. We specialize in the production of their food and we work with passion, thus managing to enter new homes every day to share care with their families. It has a large portfolio of brands, including Kongo.

3. What is Kongo?

Kongo has a complete line of food for dogs and cats that provides natural and healthy nutrition, without artificial colors or flavors. It is formulated with natural products of excellent quality and animal protein as its main ingredient. In this way, it is the best option in the segment since it provides an excellent relationship between price and quality.

Kongo Gold is the super premium food of the Kongo family and offers the highest quality standards in its segment. With the ideal formula for each stage of life and chicken protein as the main ingredient.

4. What is Swahili?

It is a social enterprise that transforms garbage into opportunity. They use disused dog food bags and tarps to make backpacks and other materials. In addition to addressing environmental problems, Iván works for inclusion, since he has a workshop in a humble neighborhood of Melchor Romero, where he trains neighbors who find a job opportunity in this undertaking.

5. Can the products developed by Swahili be purchased?

Yes, you can enter their website: https://swahilieco2.mitiendanube.com/ or their social networks @swahili_eco

6. Do you have material to communicate the campaign?

Yes, we have a digital kit and POP material available for both shelters and sales spots.


7. What do I do when I have empty containers?

You have to take them to a shelter so they can trade them for food.

8. I have containers to redeem but I don't know where to take them.

Contact us through the Baires website: www.baires-sa.com.ar or the Kongo social networks @kongooficial, after giving us your address we will tell you where you have a shelter nearby.

9. What do I get in return?

For every container you put together, we will give 2kg of food to a shelter and raw materials to Swahili so they can generate work.

10. Do you only receive Kongo bags?

We receive bags from all brands since they serve as material for Swahili, but only those from Kongo count for the campaign.


11. I am selling Kongo and I want to join the campaign, how can I do it?

You can become a Kongo Point and receive food containers. You must previously have an alliance with a nearby shelter so that you can be the beneficiary of the food.

12. I don't know where to take the bags, can you help me?

Sure, we have a list of shelters available, contact us through the Baires website www.baires-sa.com.ar or Kongo's social networks @kongooficial and we'll give you the details of the one closest to you.


13. How do I participate?

We know that there are many who help dogs and cats, but for greater control and more efficient logistics, only those who have more than 30 pets in their facilities will be able to participate.

14. How is the exchange?

Once you contact us, you leave us your information and we coordinate the visit to the shelter.

15. Is there a minimum number of bags for them to come pick up?

We ask you to call us every time you collect 10 containers so we leave you a 20 kg bag. In any case, if you do not reach this amount, call us and we will see how to make it happen.

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